OMNI 3D HD offers crystal-clear, in-depth 3D vision of the surgical field to the tableside surgeon and the surgical team.

Capitalizing on technological advances in medical science, the three-dimensional intuitive visualization system provides a much wider cumulative overview of the surgical field than its 2D counterparts.

The shared real-time vision thus facilitates the surgeons and assistants to perform in a challenging environment with higher precision. Facilitating operating room workflows, OMNI 3D HD assists surgeons through each step of the minimally invasive procedure to enhance surgical team performance and operating outcomes.

Crystal Clear

Crystal-clear, deeper and direct visual access of the surgical area to all surgeons and assistants

Spatial Perception

Improves spatial perception and enhances situational awareness during the surgery

Stereoscopic Vision

Stereoscopic vision augments surgical team performance and reduces error rates

Decreases Surgery

Decreases surgery time and improves patient outcomes

Da Vinci Robotic System

Seamless integration with Da Vinci robotic system console