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With an in-depth experience of Robotic Surgery, our team is led by expert Robotic Surgeons, Clinicians, Technologists and Commercial Leaders.

OMNI 3D HD provides high definition 3D view of the surgical field. Its magnified, clear and in-depth perception of the surgical procedure helps the tableside surgeons and the surgical team for a more coordinated surgical approach.

The system is equipped with the OMNI HDVR which records HD (1920 x 1080) video using OMNI 3D capture software. Together, these features allow a live 3D display of the surgical field with enhanced depth perception and crystal-clear vision.

A touchscreen (2nd Display) provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to operate the system and the main 32-inch 3D-enabled display unit provides full 3D view. Live recording and 3D/2D playback capabilities are added through the Omni HDVR TruVu box which helps in providing extremely effective content for training and education purposes.

OMNI 3D HD offers easy integration with Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System Vision cart for live video feed and can also be integrated with any 3D Minimal Invasive Surgery Camera video output.