Improved Depth Perception

OMNI 3D HD is designed to provide a live 3D HD view of the surgical field to the entire surgical team in any Robotic surgery Operating room. A comprehensive High Definition 3D Video Visualization System, it can be paired with the existing Robotic Surgical Systems to aid the tableside surgeon and the surgical teams in assisting the most challenging robotic surgeries. An identical 3D HD view through the Omni 3D HD enables the surgical team to be in better synchronisation with the surgeon on the console. The surgical team is highly benefited by an Improved depth perception which helps in easier coordination and higher control to the tableside surgeon.

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Improved collaboration, enhanced outcomes


A New Way of Working for the Surgical Team

OMNI 3D HD is designed by expert Robotic Surgeons to add significant vision capabilities to the surgical team during a Robotic Surgery. When placed strategically in the Operating room, the OMNI 3D HD system is an additional Vision cart that enables a 3D view instead of 2D to the entire surgical team. A full 3D view empowers improved visualisation of the volume and location of the tissues and organs in the surgical field, thus helping the tableside surgeons to operate in an entirely new way. OMNI, which has been used by various surgical teams worldwide, has received positive feedback which particularly mentions how it has changed the ‘way of working’ for them.

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